From Garden to Table

The Local Florists Behind Page at 63 Main's Stunning Floral Arrangements

Page at 63 Main’s commitment to supporting the Long Island community and sharing its bountiful natural splendors goes far beyond our beautifully crafted dishes and drinks. In addition to sourcing produce from nearby farms, seafood raised and harvested in neighboring waters, and wine grown and pressed at native vineyards, our tables and interior decor feature absolutely stunning floral arrangements from two beloved East End florists that perfectly complement our aesthetic, and menu.

Flower box crafted by Dutch Petals

Dutch Petals & The Bridgehampton Florist

The exquisite beauty and unique styles of Dutch Petals in Southampton and The Bridgehampton Florist transform every meal at Page into a multisensory experience to remember. Our delectable and innovative New American-style fare wows taste buds and heals the soul, while these colorful and aromatic creations warm the hearts and uplift the spirits of all our patrons. 

From gorgeous, complex centerpieces to simple, elegant bouquets, these revered local artists specialize in serving true transcendence with each and every ensemble, petal, and bloom. Their collective knowledge is extensive, and their shared passion for creating the perfect composition is contagious. We are honored to showcase the sheer brilliance and glory of these exceptional East End businesses.

Dutch Petals 

This family owned and operated boutique floral studio specializes in handcrafting custom, high-end designs for all occasions—from special events and anniversaries to weddings, memorials, birthday celebrations, and more. It is a leading importer of cut flowers from around the world, and boasts team members in South America and Holland who hand-select only the finest specimens for wholesale and personalized configurations. These beautiful, fresh, and fragrant blossoms elevate the dining experience at Page at 63 Main and create a comforting ambiance as joyous as our exquisite cuisine! 

The Bridgehampton Florist

This floral institution on the corner of Main Street and Corwith Avenue has been adorning homes—and the Hampton Classic—with fresh, radiant blossoms for nearly 40 years. Owners Michael Grim and Jim Osburn share a deep love of their craft, and pride themselves on their gorgeous designs and top-notch customer service. The Bridgehampton Florist also boasts the largest selection of orchids on the East End! From simple yet elegant bouquets to extravagant centerpieces, this Bridgehampton mainstay adds an extra-special touch of beauty and elegance to our restaurant’s atmosphere and the dining experience, overall. 


The Perfect Pairing

This extraordinary partnership between Page at 63 Main and these masters of floral majesty is testament to our ongoing commitment of supporting local businesses and East End communities. Their custom creations complement not only our diverse menu, but Page’s positive vibes and refined ambiance. 

We pride ourselves on not just serving truly exceptional food and high-end service, but the full dining experience—whether for dinner, lunch, brunch, dessert, a special occasion, or simply a fantastic night out for wine and cocktails with friends. 

From bright, striking tulips and lush, dazzling roses to breathtaking collages of lovely lilies, violas, pansies, and many more—these fresh, vibrant, beautiful flowers are fundamental components of what makes Page at 63 Main so extra special and so truly sensational!


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From locally caught seafood to farm-fresh produce and wines from neighboring vineyards, our menu highlights the very best of Long Island. Join us for a truly unique dining experience, where you can taste, see, and smell the difference that comes from supporting local businesses—including East End florists!